Guest Blogging on Zuffy Robot?

I have this blog that you are reading right now, but honestly, I rarely post anything.  This is a great opportunity for guest blogging.

Want to fix that?  Or maybe you need a third party to publish to establish some writing creds?  (Note:  I’m not asking anyone to work for free!  This site does not generate a ton of cash and it is not a subsidiary of a multinational media firm.  Huff post does ask people to work for free, fyi.)  I’m providing a creative outlet for people who would like to post opinions, reviews, or talk about geekdom, but don’t have a platform to do so.

Either respond to this post to inquire or send an email to

Posts should be:

  • Literate.  What does that mean?  Written in an interesting and thoughtful manner with a cohesive theme.
  • Be PG 13 or suitable for teens.
  • All quotes/photos/theories properly labeled and attributed.
  • A description on why people should consider your opinion or why you are an expert.  (This site has a wide national audience, they probably won’t know who you are!  Which is good, wider exposure!)
  •  I, Staff Robot, have to learn something from your article or blog post.
  • It has to be aimed at the geek audience.
  • At least 1500 words.

Things it should NOT be:

  • Gamergate, yawn!
  • Trolling or Doxxing
  • Fanboying on Cosplay pics –  There seems to be an epidemic of this on facebook lately.  It’s one of the dumbest trends that I’ve seen in a long while.  Nobody cares how hot you think a particular cosplay is.
  • Conspiracy theories written in ALL CAPS.
  • How fandom has persecuted and offended you.  (ie. no microaggression articles, please.)
  • Boring
  • Make someone sue Zuffy Robot

But say, you want to do blog on how

  • Feminism is effecting the comics industry?  Good!
  • How gaming sites let advertising sway their reviews?  Good!
  • What this Con is like?  Good!
  • How playing this game made you a better/worse person?  Good!
  • Geeky arts & Crafts?  Good!
  • Kickstarter Controversies or non-delivery of rewards?  (Kittens in a Blender, I’m looking at you.)  No trolling of competitors though. Good!
  • Instructions on how to Cosplay?  Or posting your own Cosplay pics?  Good.
  • What’s the best way to prepare for a three day Con? Good.
  • Current themes in science fiction or fantasy.
  • A book review on a geeky book.
  • Science Topics.  (why space elevators are dumb/great ideas.)
  • Why everyone should eat like a Hobbit.

I’m sure there are many other geeky topics you can think of.   If it’s close or needs some editing, I will work with you on that.


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