Shipping out Lore Bits Today!

I’m busy packaging up Lore Bits today for the Kickstarter rewards.

Zuffy Event Calendar died. I finally bit the bullet and killed of the events page.  I had put a lot of time and effort into it.  But it seems that no one was interested in advertising on it or helping out with the costs.  So it had to die.

I also experienced quite a bit of technical problems with’s event calendar.  Hundreds/thousands of 404 pages.  Google would not stop indexing it because created so many virtural pages that google would index it 300,000 times in a week.  Yah, you might be jelly of that indexing, however, what it does it create a huge hosting problem.  With that many hits from robots, it was upgraded to a larger hosting package.  Much more expensive than the basic hosting it had previously.

Do not recommend

I also took time to remove some of the directory pages.  It cleaned up the website and will allow me to focus exclusively on the blog.  The blog was the most neglected part of Zuffy Robot.

We’ve been enjoying sense8 on netflix.  It’s much better than Jupitor Rising, so take a chance on it.  I love space opera, so jupitor rising was a disappointment.  It’s a lovely movie which can play in the background while I’m reading a book or playing games.  The editing was poor and the story made no sense in spots.  I felt as if I watching the perils of pauline at times.  They pulled the initial release date and reshot scenes for months and re-edited it as well.  I’m wondering if the initial edit was the best one.  Example Sean Bean’s daughter is on for a micro second goes off for pizza then never returns.  You could do a whole movie about her and what her reaction is when everyone disappears and the house/farm is trashed.  Her father doesn’t even mention her in the rest of the movie.

It looks like finally in sense8, the wachowsky’s have time enough to tell their story.  Statzinky(?), who produced/wrote babylon is also producing sense8.  Perhaps, he had an influence on how it was edited.  I hope they do more work together, it’s a good result.

We saw Howl’s flying castle last month.  I highly recommend the anime classic.  Highly romantic fairy tale.  It stole my heart.