Game of War Review

Last weekend I downloaded Game of War to my phone.  I didn’t plan to play another game; but I was curious about the game that launched a thousand Kate Upton commercials.

Do not play this game.

They have taken a full feature PC game and shrunk it down to the size of your phone.  The in game purchases, which all free phone games have, flash onto your screen, at times it took over my entire phone screen.  I know you need to pay for the advertising, but this is a silly amount of advertising.

Fuctionability?  They have marvelous graphics.  However, I found it hard to find out how to upgrade buildings.  I had to click through a couple of screens to even find the list of wood and stone that I would need.  Upgrade walls?  I had walls?  I could barely find them amid all the advertising, blinky lights, and all the other buttons calling for my attention.

I had a hero, but I had no idea what the hero’s function was supposed to be in the game.  You can change the name of your hero, village, and section, but it took some hunting to find where that was.

User names had to be unique.  Which tells me that dragon098-098-098 might be a good user name.

All and all, I felt like I was even missing half the features; I had a 12 hour shield; no way to find out how to protect myself from attackers, and where was my army?  How do I get new soldiers?

After fighting with the tiny screen, the multiple screens, and the inscrutable goals; I decided to delete it from my phone.  It boggles my mind that they have spent so much on advertising; but didn’t bother to user test this product for fun, functionability, and user experience.



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