Creepy Spam from Well Meaning People

I’d like to start a new series of creepy spam from well meaning people.  As a business owner, I get tons of spam from marketers, business specialists, SEO experts or anyone else who thinks that I will spend money on their services.  Not that all those people are incredibly horrible people.  It’s just that they like to send out marketing emails.  Often with questionable titles.

First up:

Actual email:  “a personal invite to my VideoShoot in Seattle.”

Weird capitalization on the VideoShoot.  It doesn’t sound very personal to me.  Bonus points from being sent from Linked In.  I wonder who/how I’m connected to him.  Some groups allow group members to email each other.  It goes on to say that it’s especially for “Authors,  Speakers & Coaches.”  Oh.  dear.  He’s trolling for business.

What would be a better approach?  Perhaps not capitalizing random words?  Perhaps not sending it at all?  Any email that I get through Linkedin is 99% spam.  People want stuff, they want you to attend, or random people want to connect.  Do I want to connect with a marketing specialist whose CV is full of one year jobs and was an expert at every place they hung their hat?

If you are sending out marketing letters via an email service/networking website, take 10 minutes and ask someone if the email looks like spam.  If they can’t look you in eye, congratulations, you are about to clog someone’s email box.



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