Onto the Second Draft of My WIP

It’s onto the second draft of my WIP science fiction novel. It’s just over 50K words now. My goal is to fix all the plot holes and to pull everything together. I have a better sense of my characters now, so it’s time for the next draft. This morning I startled a rabbit on our … [Read more…]

50K Words on my WIP

50K words on my WIP science fiction novel. I’m hoping to get it published sometime early Summer 2024. I will be self publishing the book on Amazon Kindle. It’s a story about what happens the promised FTL spaceship drive is never installed on the ship.

Mars Rover Picture

If you were going to move to Mars, this is what awaits you. Bleak landscape. Maybe some robots roving the planet. Not enough air to breathe. It would take quite a bit to make this a liveable landscape. Maybe a first step would be getting a liveable inside space that would provide sustainable food, water, … [Read more…]

Oh forgotten blog, how are you?

I have renewed the blog, I should write something on it. The covid-19 crises is still in the first part of it’s expansion. It’s increasingly becoming pretty clear that I will be spending quite a bit of time at home through 2020. This little blog that keeps surviving, might be an excellent outlet for positive … [Read more…]

WFTDA Championships

First Stop is Vancouver, Canada for us.  We will watch the D1 Tournament this weekend. https://wftda.com/tournaments/2016/vancouver I’m looking forward to seeing all the roller derby teams again.  It’s such a powerful sport with very few fans willing to travel.  If you get a chance, go.    

Is this blog dead?

I don’t know.  It’s not been a year since the last post.  I’m still disappointed in the wordpress plug in that vomited all over my hosted account. 0.o